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Tachikawa Akebonocho 2-16-6 Techno Building 1F (Tachikawa Grand Hotel next to the left)

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We at Mayur want to introduce the food culture of India.
Traditional Tandoor dishes made by charcoal grill kiln,curry,naan bread and also arranged menu,low calorie and healthy dishes are availiable for you to taste.

Please feel free to consult our staff regarding food and method of eating.

Please enjoy to your heart's content at Mayur.We also offer private room of 8 to 10 people at the Mayur.
We support HALAL dishes,Vegetarian dishes & please feel free to enquire about Allergy related questions.
We offer an extensive menu also to others. You can check here Japanese menu.
A La CarteCurryNaan/RicecourseDrinks

Mixed Pakoda (750 yen)
Fritter of assorted vegetable & cheese

Yogurt Salad (500 yen)
Fresh vegetable salad with yogurt dressing

TEPPAN Beef&Vegetable (750 yen)
Sizzler Plate with beef and vegetables

Shrimp Miyonaise (580 yen)
Delicious&fluffy shrimp in mayonnaise souce

Cheese Fritter (580 yen)
Crispy fried cheese

Tandoor dishes(grilled),with food charcoal grilled in short time at high temperature using a kiln.Meat,seafood and variety of vegetables and cheese are marinated in delicate spices and yogurt.<> Very popular and most famous is our juicy yet crisp Tandoori Chicken.

Three types of Tandoori chicken (850 yen)
Tandoori chicken,garlic chicken,malai tikka barbeque

Vegetarian Tandoori Kabab mix (680 yen)
Cheese and barbequed vegetables

Three types of Kabab (680 yen)
Sheek Kabab,Vegetable Kabab Tobu Kabab

It is the Indian curry full-fledged craftsmen in India to deliver wholeheartedly. We adjusted to the hotness of your choice.
(mild) /★★ (medium hot) / ★★★ (hot) / ★★★★(spicy)

[CHICKEN]Chicken Tikka Masala ★★(medium hot) (1,050 yen)
Boneless Barbequed chicken in spicy Tomato sauce

[Mutton]Mutton Keena Curry ★★(medium hot) (1,000 yen)
Minched mutton curry with Potatoes and Green peas’

[Vegetable]Palak Paneer -Spinach- ★★(medium hot) (1,000 yen)
Indian cheese and Spinach curry

[Vegetable]Daal Noor Jahani ★★(medium hot) (850 yen)
Traditional Indian Lentil curry

[Seafood]Shrimp Garlic Chili Sauce ★★(medium hot) (1,050 yen)
Shrimp curry in garlic and chilly sauce

[Combination]Chicken&Pumpkin (mild) (1,000 yen)
Pumpkin curry with chicken in mild sauce

[NAAN]Garlic Nann (450 yen)
Nann bread with chopped garlic

[NAAN] Nann (400 yen)
Traditional Nann bread

[NAAN]Cheese Nann (500 yen)
Nann with Stuffed cheese

[Rice]Garlic fried saffron rice (500 yen)
Saffron fried rice with garlic

Menu is colorful.The line is made so that you can have satisfaction and enjoy Indian cuisine.
In addition to the course menu,lunch menu has been enhanced too.

VEGETARIAN (2,000 yen)
Traditional&Balanced vegetarian course.
(India appetizer platter / Soup / Samosa / Vegetable seek kebab / Curry / Naan / Saffron Rice / Desert)

MAJEDAR (2,000 yen)
Non vegetarian course with mild taste.
(India appetizer platter / Soup / Samosa / Masala chicken kebab (grilled) / Tofu kebabs (grilled) / Curry / Naan / Saffron rice / Desert)

BHOJ (2,500 yen)
MAYUR’S chef recommended delicious combination.
(Salad of tomato and cheese India / Samosa / Tandoori chicken (grilled) / Sheek kebab (grilled) / 2-color curry / Naan / saffron rice / Desert)

GOURMET (3,000 yen)
A full gourmet course for mini party.
(Papad salad / Soup / Tandoor platter / Curry / Naan / Saffron rice / Desert)

Child set (750 yen)
Fit for children.
(Child curry / Naan or Rice / salad / drink / dessert)

ASAHI premium draft Beer (530 yen)
We selected carefully the materials and did long term ageing.It is a premium sophisticated beer for "adults" to enjoy their valuable time.
ASAHI SuperDry -DryBlack-(334ml) (450 yen)
The rich aroma, taste and dry crisp taste. It is refreshing to have a richness of black malt.
Lassi with Mango Liquor
Indian whiskey McDowell NO.1 (480 yen)
This is India's whiskey ! You can feel the aroma of malt and sweet smell of vanilla and elegant honey.


Lassi (450 yen)

MANGO Lassi (550 yen)

MASALA tea (CHAI) (400 yen)

We offer a wide variety dishes and menus for you to choose as per your taste.